Lithium-Ion USB Charger


5V/USB Single Cell Lithium-Ion Charger Module.

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Product Description

This small module is designed to charge single-cell 3.6/3.7V lithium-ion batteries using a mini USB cable or a separate 5V PSU. The module is based upon the TP4056 single chip Li-on charger and delivers a maximum charge rate of 1 Amp.

The charge current can be reduced by modifying the RProg resistor: –

RProg Resistor Charge Current (mA)
10K 130
5K 250
4K 300
3K 400
2K 580
1K6 690
1K5 780
1K3 900
1K2 1000 (default)

The module has two LED indicators, red for charging and Green for fully charged.

Warning: This unit is not protected against an incorrectly connected Li-on battery – Please double check the polarity before connection.


Input Interface: Mini USB
Input Voltage: 4.5V-5.5V

Charge Current: 1A (max)
Charge Precision: 1.5%
Full Charge Voltage: 4.2V

Operating Temperature: -10°C to +85°C
Inversed Polarity Protection: NO

Dimensions: 27(L)x19.5(W)x5mm(H)

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