STM8S103 Microcontroller Module


STM8S103F3 8-Bit Microcontroller Module

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Product Description

This STM8S103 Microcontroller Module is based upon the 8-Bit STM8S103F3P6 micro and provides 8-Kbytes of Flash program memory, 1-KBytes of RAM and 640-Bytes of EEPROM. Up to 16 configurable I/O pins are available, with 10-bit ADC, UART, I2C and SPI. The device also features an internal 16MHz clock oscillator, watchdog timer and brown-out reset.

An on-board 200mA 3V3 regulator is provided allowing the module to run from a standard USB 5V supply using the micro-USB connector.

A reset button, power and test indicator LEDs are provided for aiding development.

The board has a 4-pins dedicated to the SWIM Communication Protocol for program and debugging – A recommended programmer is the ST-LINK V2.

All of the microcontroller’s I/O pins are accessible from the 0.1″ PCB pins, and all pin names are clearly marked.

The STM8S microcontroller family provide good performance, robustness, and reduced system cost.

Micro Controller: ST STM8S103F3P6
Clock frequency: 16MHz
Memory: 8KB Flash, 1KB SRAM, 640B EEPROM.
Programming Interface: STM8 SWIM Communication Protocol

Operating Voltage: 3.3 Volts
Input Voltage (Micro-USB): 5 Volts

Connectors: Micro-USB (5V Power Only)

PCB Type: 1.2mm Double Sided Plated-Through Hole
PCB Size: ~30mm(l) x ~19mm(w)
PCB Colour: Blue
Total Height: ~5.5mm

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