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Welcome to Electronic Things, an on-line shop offering small quantity products to the UK electronics developer. We specialise in the supply of electronic components and modules to the budding UK enthusiast; products that are suited to the prototyping and development of your custom surface mount / micro controller designs.

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Stanley Knife

Stanley Knives

We now stock the very popular snap-off blade Stanley craft knives, both large (18mm) and small (9mm) sizes; featuring high-quality, long lasting ABS plastic bodies.

Currently selling at only £2.99 for the 9mm size, and £3.99 for the 18mm size.

Heatshrink Kit

Heatshrink Kit

We have also put together a general purpose heat shrink tubing pack that is suitable for most types of electrical insulation, strain relief and wire bundling.

The kit contains 7 lengths of various diameters from 1.6mm to 12.7mm each in 1 meter lengths. At £5.99, they provide great value for an essential part of your tool kit.

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