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Welcome to Electronic Things, an on-line shop offering small quantity products to the UK electronics developer. We specialise in the supply of electronic components and modules to the budding UK enthusiast; products that are suited to the prototyping and development of your custom surface mount / micro controller designs.

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Stanley Knife

Stanley Knives

We now stock the very popular snap-off blade Stanley craft knives, both large (18mm) and small (9mm) sizes; featuring high-quality, long lasting ABS plastic bodies.

Currently selling at only £2.99 for the 9mm size, and £3.99 for the 18mm size.

Connector Starter Pack

Connector Kit


We have also put together a general purpose connector pack containing the commonly used black plastic 0.1″ housings. The kit contains 15 various sized black housings (5 pieces each size) and also 200 crimp terminals.

At only £9.99, they provide a cost effective solution to create your custom cable assemblies.

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