SD Card Module


Full-Sized SD Card Module.

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Product Description

This module provides an on-board 3V3 regulator, control/data line pull-up resistors, decoupling capacitors and a spring loaded & locking SDCARD socket. It is designed to communicate with a host system’s SPI (SCK, MOSI, MOSI and CS), and can be driven directly from a 3V3 micro-controller or from a 5V system when using open-collector outputs.

PCB Size: 46mm (l) x 30mm (w).
PCB Thickness: 1.3mm.
Overall Size: 49mm (l) x 30mm (w) x 11.5mm (h).
Voltage: 5V or 3V3 DC.
Mounting Holes: M2 (2 off).

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