Capacitive Touch Switch


Capacitive Touch Switch Module

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Product Description

This capacitive touch switch module is based on the touch-sensing TTP223B chip with a touch pad sensor contained within the PCB design.

The module features a 3-pin right-angled PCB header for power (VCC & GND) and button state, which can be connected directly to a micro-controller’s input pin. It supports both 3V3 or 5V operating voltages and has an on-board power LED indicator.

The board is approximately 24mm² and has four M2 mounting holes.

Operating Voltage: 2V0 to 5V5.
Connection: 3-pin 0.1″ R/A PCB header (GND, VCC & SIG).

Size (Approx.): 24mm x 24mm x 7.5mm.
PCB Thickness: 1.2mm.
Mounting Holes: Four x M2.

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