End Stop Switch Module


Mechanical End Stop Switch Module + Cable.

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Product Description

This end stop switch module utilises a micro-switch for collision detection and features an onboard pull-up resistor and smoothing capacitor to filter switch noise. The output can be directly connected to any micro controller’s input pin.

An onboard LED is included for switch status and illuminates when the switch is activated.

The module is ideal for end stop collision detection for 3D printers or CNC machines.

1 (Top) Signal Out (Active Low)
2 Ground
3 Ground
4 (Bottom) VCC

The module is supplied with a 700mm 3-wire cable which is suitable for direct connection to a RAMPS v1.4 board (Reprap Arduino Shield).

Module Size: 39.5(l) x 20.5(w) x 9mm(h).
PCB Size: 39.5(l) x 16.5mm(w).
PCB Colour: Red.
Operating Voltage (VCC): 3V – 5V DC.
Connector: JST XH Type 4-Pin.
Connector Pins: 1 = SIGNAL (Active Low), 2 = GND, 3 = GND, 4 = VCC.
Mounting Holes: M3.5 (4 off).

Cable Length: ~700mm.
Cable Connector Pins: 1 = SIGNAL (Green), 2 = GND (Black), 3 = VCC (Red).

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