About Us

The popularity of the electronics hobbyist was at its greatest in the 1970/80s, but due to many reasons (like miniaturisation and mass production), less people have been inclined to take up the soldering iron. This has led to a decline in the number of experienced electronics & computer engineers within this country.

But a new breed of electronics enthusiast is now with us, a hobbyist that is combining computer programming with electronic circuit design. With popular systems like the Arduino and Raspberry-Pi, many more people are now enjoying the experience in creating their own unique electronic devices.

But many of these new hobbyists are frequently finding it difficult to purchase small quantities of surface mount electronic components at affordable prices – This small on-line shop was created for this reason. Soldering surface mount components can be just as easy as through-hole types, the major requirements are a steady hand and good eyesight.

Our products include the latest popular micro controller chips, pre-assembled electronic modules, printed circuit boards, discrete components, tools & hardware. We add new products each month so please come back to check.

At present, ‘Electronic Things’ is a non-registered VAT company, and as such, customers will not be charged VAT on any purchase.

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