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3V3 / 5V Fixed Regulator Module

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Product Description

These fixed regulator modules provide a simple and effective solution for powering your digital designs. Designed around an efficient linear regulator IC, the AMS1117, the modules provide a constant fixed voltage with up to 1 Amp current. The modules feature both smoothing & decoupling capacitors and on-board power LED.

Two module types are available, a 5V output or 3V3 output.

Output Current (Maximum): 1A.
5V Module Output Voltage: 5V0 +/-5%.
5V Input Voltage: 6.0V – 15V.
3V3 Module Output Voltage: 3V3 +/-5%.
3V3 Module Input Voltage: 4.3V – 15V.

Module Size: ~26mm(L) x ~11mm(W) x ~2.9mm(H) without headers (~11.5mm with headers).
PCB Thickness: 1.2mm.
LED Colour: Red.

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