LCD 16×2 Character Backlit Display Module


Standard LCD alphanumeric display module with blue LED back-light.

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Product Description

A superb value LCD module with blue LED back-lighting offering wide viewing angles and high contrasts. The display uses the standard LCD HD44780 interface and provides 2 lines of 16 alphanumeric characters. The module allows for a 16 way single-in-line connector – 14 pins for the parallel interface (4 or 8 bit) + 2 pins for the LED backlight. An onboard contrast resistor is pre-soldered, along with an LED current limiting resitor allowing direct drive from the same 5V LCD supply.

Voltage: 5V DC
Current: ~30mA
Display: 2 line x 16 Alphanumeric Characters
Type: LCD + Blue LED Back-light
Interface: HD44780 parallel (4 or 8-bit)
Dimension: 82mm x 33mm x 14mm
Viewing Area: 62mm x 16mm

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