Ultrasonic Distance Module


5V Ultrasonic Distance Module. Range up to 450cm.

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Product Description

This highly efficient ultrasonic distance module uses sonar transducers to determine the distance to an object, just like bats or dolphins. Offering excellent range accuracy, stable readings and its operation is not affected by bright sunlight or black material.

Operating at 5V, the module requires ~2mA during normal operation and ~15mA during echo bursts. The module can detect and measure objects distances from 2cm to 4.5m with an effectual angle of 15°.

To begin operation, a 10us pulse is required on the TRIG input pin. The ECHO pin will then output a variable-width pulse, the size of which is relative to the distance measured; every 58us period equates to 1cm in measured distance.

Power Supply: 4V5 – 5V5 DC.
Quiescent Current: ~2mA.
Echo Burst Current: ~15mA.

Ultrasonic Frequency: 40kHz.
Ranging Distance: 2cm – 450 cm.
Resolution: 0.3cm.
Effectual Angle: <15°.

PCB Size: 45 x 20 mm.
Module Height: 15 mm (excluding 4-pin connector).

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