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Digital Temperature and Humidity Module

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Product Description

This simple 3-pin module is a based around the Aosong DHT11 digital temperature and relative humidity sensor. This module comes complete with the data pull-up resistor and decoupling capacitor, and can be connected directly to a uController’s single digital I/O pin where the data burst can be initiated and captured.

Also supplied is a short 3-wire female-female cable assembly to allow quick connection to a development board.


Operating Voltage: 3V5-5V5.
Operating Current: 2.5mA (maximum).
Standby Current: 150uA (maximum).
Humidity Range: 20-90% (±5% accuracy at 25°C).
Temperature Range: 0-50°C (±2°C accuracy).

Size: 34mm(h) x 13mm(w) x 8mm(d).
PCB Size: 28mm(h) x 13mm(w).
Mounting Hole: M2.5.
Connector: 3pin 0.1″ R/A header.

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