Dual Channel Motor Driver


L9110 Dual Motor Driver Module

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Product Description

This compact Dual Channel Motor Driver Module is designed to drive two DC motors using two independent L9110 driver chips. It is ideal for small robotic applications.

PCB screw terminals are provided for motor connections, and a 6-way 0.1″ PCB header is provided for connection to your micro controller.

1 (A-1B) Motor A – Input B
2 (A-1A) Motor A – Input A
3 (VCC) 2V5 – 12V
4 (GND) Ground
5 (B-1B) Motor B – Input B
6 (B-1A) Motor B – Input A


Two control lines are required for each motor, providing On/Off and direction control. For a variable speed control, a PWM signal can be used on one of the inputs.


Motor Driver: L9110 (2 off)
Operating Voltage: 2V5 – 12V.
Current (Maximum): 800mA (Continuous), 2A (Peak).
Operating Temperature: 0°C – 80°C.
Dimensions: 29mm(L) x 23.5mm(W) x 14.5mm(H).
PCB Thickness: 1.3mm.
Mounting Holes: 3mm (4 off).

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