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9g SG90 Micro Servo

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Product Description

Micro Servo – This compact micro servo features a core-less motor, all nylon gears, and cable (>15cm) with a standard ‘S’ type 3-pin connector. It servo is similar in size and weight to a Hitec HS-55, it is supplied with 3 arms + screws.

3-pin Connection: RED (+VCC), BROWN (GND), ORANGE (INPUT)

Model: SG90
Manufacturer: Gerneric
Operating Voltage: 3V0 – 7V2
Temperature Range: -30 to +60°C

Full Range Pulse Width: ~900us to ~2400µs
Dead Band Width: 7usec

No Load Operating Speed @4V8: ~0.1sec/60°
Stall Torque @4V8: ~1.2kg
Stall Torque @6V0: ~1.6kg

Gears: Nylon
Support: Bushing

Body Dimensions (LxWxH): ~23 x ~12 x ~29mm
With Lugs (LxWxH): ~32 x ~12 x ~29mm
Cable Length: >150mm
Net Weight: ~14g
Colour: Blue

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