5V Unipolar Stepper Motor


5V Unipolar Stepper Motor

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This widely used stepper motor is great value for money and is perfect for small robotic projects and simple experiments.

The motor is a simple unipolar design with a 32 steps per revolution motor in single-step mode and 64 steps/rev in half-step mode. With it’s internal 1:64 gearing, that equates to shaft accuracy of 2048 or 4096 steps/rev.

The stepper can be driven by energizing each winding in turn, although it is recommended that it is driven in a half-step mode, where one winding is powered down on each alternate step.

Recommended driver board is the ULN2003 Darlington driver module ULN2003 Darlington Module.

Model: 28BYJ-48.
Type: Unipolar 4-Phase.
Accuracy (single step): 2048 Steps/Rev (with 1/64 geared reduction).
Accuracy (half step): 4096 Steps/Rev (with 1/64 geared reduction).

Operating Voltage: 5V DC.
Cable: 5-pin 2.5mm JST, ~200mm Length.

Body Diameter: 28mm.
Body Height: 20mm.
Shaft Height: 9mm.
Shaft Diameter: 5mm (flattened)
Weight: ~40g.

42 Bots Using the 28BYJ-48 + ULN2003 module with Arduino.
Arduino Info 28BYJ-48 Wiring Details.
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