Real Time Clock Module + EEPROM


I2C Real-Time-Clock Module + 4K EEPROM.

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Product Description

This real time clock (RTC) module is upon on the Dallas DS1307 clock/calender chip. The module also includes an Atmel AT24C32, a non-volatile 4-Kbyte EEPROM. Both devices are unified by the single I2C serial bus.

0xD0DS1307 Write
0xD1DS1307 Read
0xA0AT24C32 Write
0xA1AT24C32 Read


The RTC can be maintained by using a CR2032 lithium button cell (not supplied), the cell holder is mounted on the underside of the PCB. The module can be modified to use a rechargeable lithium-ion cell, LIR2032, by replacing just two resistors.

Provision is made for a 3-pin DS18B20 digital temperature sensor (not included).

Operating Voltage: 4V5 to 5V5.
Interface: I2C.
Size (Approx): 28.5mm x 27.5mm x 10mm.
PCB Thickness: 1.6mm.
Mounting Holes: 3mm (2 off).

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