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7-Segment LED Voltmeters

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These versatile LED voltmeter modules can measure voltages from 0.00V to 29.9V DC with an accuracy of ±0.1%. Designed around 3 x 0.36″ 7-segment LED display units, they have a wide operating voltage of 3.8V-30V DC and an operating current of less than 15mA. They feature automatic decimal point placement to allow for a more accurate voltage reading below 10V.

Two LED colours are available: Red or Blue.

The meter shares a common ground with the voltage being measured, and the input pin can usually be connected to the supply pin (if the voltage is above 3.8V), removing the requirement for a separate operating supply.

Two mounting holes are provided to allow for panel mounting.

Operating Voltage: 3.8V – 30V DC.
Operating Current: 8 to 15mA.

Measuring Range: 00.0 – 29.9V DC.
Measurement Accuracy: ±0.1%.
Input Impedance: ~100K.

Display: 3x 0.36″ 7-Segment LEDs.
Display Colours: Blue or Red.
Refresh rate: >200mS.

Module Size (WxLxH): 15 x 35 x 9mm.
Mounting Holes: 3mm.

Operating Temperature: -10°c +65°c.
Reverse Polarity Protection: Yes.

Connections: +VE (Red), -VE (Black), Input Pin (Blue).

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