Red 7 Segment LED Displays (4 Pack)


1/2″ Red 7-Segment Display (4 Pack)

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Product Description

These 7 Segment LED displays modules feature super bright red illumination with a low operating current of ~2mA.  The modules are organised with common cathode (ground) pins, and require a limiting resistor for each segment. The module’s digit size is 13.2mm (0.5″) x 7.6 (0.3″) and includes a right-handed decimal point.

These high quality and high efficiency modules are manufactured by Kingbright, and are supplied in packs of 4.

Example limiting resistors:  2K2 (5V), 1K0 (3V3), 4K7 (12V).

Body Size: 17.5(l) x 12.4(w) x 7(h)mm.
Digit Size 13.2 x 7.6mm.
Colour: Grey (Face), White (Segments).
Illumination Colour: Red.
Operating Temperature: -40°C to 85°C.

Manufacturer: Kingbright

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