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Toggle Switch Pack

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Product Description

These commonly used sub-miniture 2-position toggle switches are suitable for most low-voltage applications.

The pack contains 5 units of the 3-pin single pole (SPDT) and 3 units of the 6-pin double pole (DPDT).

Each toggle switch is supplied with a front hex nut, a height adjustment nut, a toothed locking washer and a flat washer with index tag.

Switch Type: 2 Position Toggle (ON-ON).
Thread Height: 9mm.
Toggle Height: 10mm.
Terminals: Solder Tag.
Terminal Size: 2mm(L) x 0.7mm(W) x 4mm(H).

Voltage (Max): 250 Volt AC.
Current (Max): 6 Amp @ 12 Volt DC.
Current (Max): 6 Amp @ 125 Volt AC.
Current (Max): 3 Amp @ 250 Volt AC.

SPDT Pack Quantity: 5.
SPDT Pin Count: 3.
SPDT Body Size: 13mm(L) x 8mm(W) x 10mm(H).

DPDT Pack Quantity: 3.
DPDT Pin Count: 6.
DPDT Body Size: 13mm(L) x 12.6mm(W) x 10mm(H).

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