Crocodile Clip Test Leads


Various Colour 400mm Crocodile Clip Test Leads.

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Product Description

These simple crocodile clip test leads are suitable for a variety of low voltage applications. The small 28mm crocodile clips are PVC shrouded to prevent accidental short-circuits.

Available in 5 Colours – Red, Black, Green, Yellow and White.

Sold singularly or in packs containing of all 5 colours.

Cable Length: ~400mm.
Cable Length (Including Clips): ~480mm.
Wire Type: 12 x 0.1mm multi-core.
Maximum Current: 500mA.

Crocodile Clip Length: 28mm (~40mm with shroud).
Crocodile Clip Jaw Opening: ~6mm.
Crocodile Clip Body: Nickel Plated Steel.
Crocodile Clip Insulation Material: PVC

Colour: Red, Black, Green, Yellow or White.

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