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Breadboard Jumper Cables (65 off).

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Product Description

This breadboard cable pack consists of 65 pieces of various sized male terminated wires, designed to link between two points on a breadboard. The wires are multi-stranded allowing greater flexibility and longevity.

The pack contains 4 cable sizes of various colours, Small (49 off), Medium (8 off), Long (4 off) and Extra-Long (4 off), ranging from 100mm to 250mm in length.

Pack Quantities: 49 (Small), 8 (Medium), 4 (Long), 4 (Extra-Long).
Colour: Various.
Cable Length – Small: 100-120mm.
Cable Length – Medium: 150mm.
Cable Length – Long: 200mm.
Cable Length – Extra-Long: 250mm.
Current: 300mA DC (maximum).

Note: +/-10% Cable length tolerance.

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