SMD PCB Adaptor – 28-48pin QFP / TSOP


Dual purpose 32/44/48-pin QFP and 28-48pin TSOP to DIL adaptor board.

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Product Description

Quality SMD PCB Adaptor / Breakout Board designed to convert 32/44/48-pin QFP and 28-48pin TSOP (flash memory) type packages to a 0.1″ Dual-In-Line.

Sides: 2
Material: FR4
Thickness: 1.6mm
Finish: Gold Plated

Pins: 28-40-pin DIP, 0.1″ (100mil) pin spacing.
SMD Top: 32/44/48-pin QFP, 0.8mm pitch.
SMD Bottom: 28-48-pin TSOP, 0.5mm pitch.

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