Connector Starter Pack


0.1″ Black Crimp Housing Kit

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Product Description

This connector starter or refill pack contains many common sizes of the black plastic 0.1″ housings. There are 6 sizes of the single row housings and 5 sizes of the double row housings.

The pack contains 5 pieces of each size (10 for the single pin housing), totalling 60 pieces.

The pack also contains 100 female crimp terminals.

All housings and crimps are packed into plastic zip-lock bags.

Single Row Housings (10 off): 1x1PIN.
Single Row Housings (5 off): 1x2PIN, 1x3PIN, 1x4PIN, 1x5PIN, 1x6PIN.
Double Row Housings (5 off): 2x2PIN, 2x3PIN, 2x4PIN, 2x5PIN, 2x6PIN.

Crimp Terminals (100 off): Female Tin Plated Phosphor Bronze Crimps.
Wire Size: 24-28AWG.
Current (maximum): 3A DC.

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