Crystal Capacitor Pack


Crystal Oscillator Capacitor Pack (40 pieces).

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Product Description

This small surface mount capacitor pack comprises of 15pF, 22pF, 27pF and 33pF ceramic capacitors, and with their NPO dielectric, are ideal for high precision and stable crystal oscillator circuits. Each pack contains 10 capacitors per value (40 caps).

The required capacitor values (C1 & C2) is defined by the crystal’s ‘Load Capacitance’ (CL) and the circuit’s ‘Stray Capacitance’ (Cstray). Cstray is unique to your circuit board and the oscillator circuit (the Micro Processor’s crystal pins). The crystal will ‘see’ C1 & C2 in series.

Formulas: –
CL = (C1 * C2) / (C1 + C2) + Cstray   or   C1, C2 = 2 * CL – 2 * Cstray

Capacity: 15pF, 22pF, 27pF 33pF.
Quantity: 10 pieces of each value (40 total).
Maximum Operating Voltage: 50V.
Type: Ceramic Multilayer.
Case Style: 0805.
Dielectric: NPO.
Tolerance: ±5%.
Operating Temperature: -55°C to +125°C.
Manufacturer: TruCap

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