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Black AA Battery Holders

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These black molded AA battery holders provide a simple means to create battery packs with an output of 1V5 (1xAA), 3V (2xAA), 4V5 (3xAA) and 6V (4xAA). The body and spring terminals provide a secure and reliable connection and maintains a low contact resistance. The units have tinned black and red wire leads (120-150mm in length).

The battery holders are designed to attach to flat surfaces and mounting holes are provided.


Body Colour: Black.
Body Material: Polypropylene.
Body Size (1xAA): 58.0(w) x 16.5(w) x 14.0(h) mm.
Body Size (2xAA): 57.5(w) x 32.0(w) x 15.0(h) mm.
Body Size (3xAA): 57.5(w) x 46.5(w) x 15.0(h) mm.
Body Size (4xAA): 57.5(w) x 63.0(w) x 16.0(h) mm.

Spring Material: Nickle Plated Spring Steel.

Cables: Tinned Red and Black 7/0.2.
Cable Length (1xAA): ~120mm.
Cable Length (2xAA, 3xAA, 4xAA): ~150mm.

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