Anti Static Plastic Tweezers


Black Anti-Static Plastic Tweezers

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Product Description

These lightweight black tweezers are made from composite PPS (Polyphenylene Sulfide), providing good anti-acid, anti-static and anti-magnetic properties. Rigid and tough, they provide excellent durability and can resist heat up to 200°C.

Colour: Black.
Material: Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS).
Surface Resistance: 10K-10M Ohm.
Heat Resistance: 200°C.
Weight: 5 – 8g.

Model: 93301 – 5mm Flat Tip.
Size: 120mm x 12mm.

Model: 93302 – 1mm Fine Tip.
Size: 121mm x 9mm.

Model: 93303 – 2mm Round Tip.
Size: 120mm x 10mm.

Model: 93305 – 3mm Flat Tip.
Size: 120mm x 9mm.

Model: 93306 – 1mm R/A Fine Tip.
Size: 120mm x 10mm (body), 14mm (head).

Model: 93308 – 6.5mm Flat Tip.
Size: 120mm x 9mm.

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